5 Ways to See Naadam Festival in 2010

5 Ways to See Naadam Festival in 2010

SEATTLE, WA — MIR Corporation, which has been offering small group, custom and private tours to the “crossroads of Europe and Asia” since 1986 is pleased to announce that in 2010 its schedule features 5 ways to get to the Naadam Festival, Mongolia’s annual celebration of courage, strength, dexterity and marksmanship celebrated each year July 11-12.

Tours that include attendance at the Naadam Festival are:

  • Trans-Siberian Mongolian Route, with departures July 10-22 (Westbound) and July 1-13 (Eastbound) – Travelers ride between UlaanBaatar and Moscow following the Trans-Siberian Railroad tracks, either starting or ending in Mongolia’s capital and offering an exciting tour to Russia across Siberia.
  • Siberia & Mongolia: Spirits & Nomads, June 28-July 16 – This itinerary adds Siberia’s UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal and a tour to Russia to the extraordinary Naadam Festival
  • Mongolian Explorer: The Gobi Desert & Beyond, June 30-July 13 – The fabled Gobi Desert is featured before arrival in UlaanBaatar for the Naadam Festival on this adventurous overview tour of Mongolia.
  • From Mongolia to Moscow: A Trans-Siberian Adventure, July 10-24 – Travelers on this cultural tour are afforded the chance to travel by regularly scheduled Trans-Siberian trains, gaining a unique perspective on the Mongolian, Buryat and Russian cultures encountered from Mongolia’s capital to Russia’s.

For more information on any of these tours, please see http://www.mircorp.com or email charity (at) mircorp (dot) com.

In addition, MIR can plan a completely customized journey for any sized group to Mongolia that takes into account the group?s tastes, travel dates and preferred accommodations. Extended family groups, alumni groups and companies are shepherded through the crowds at the Naadam Festival and provided with a self-selected balance of activities, sight-seeing and down-time. A custom itinerary can also add anything from a tour to Russia to the Trans-Siberian Railroad to further travel in Mongolia.

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MIR whose name means “peace” and “world” in Russian, has specialized in Russia (and neighboring countries) for 23 years. Offering scheduled and custom journeys to Russia, the Silk Route, along the Trans-Siberian Railroad, to St. Petersburg and beyond, Seattle-based experts design imaginative trips and work closely with local affiliates in Western Russia, Siberia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan to carry them out. MIR has twice been named one of National Geographic Adventure’s “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth,” and is a preferred operator for museum, alumni and special interest organizations across the country. For more information, please visit http://www.mircorp.com or call 800-424-7289.

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PUBLISHED: January 6, 2010