Consummate travelers partner with MIR to create far-ranging journeys for the very well traveled

Consummate travelers partner with MIR to create far-ranging journeys for the very well traveled

What makes a great traveler?

 Wanderlust, a sense of adventure, unquenchable curiosity, unlimited energy, determination – and good connections.
 MIR Corporation’s extensive connections at the crossroads of Europe and Asia are a wellspring of opportunity for seasoned travelers.

Seasoned traveler Bill Altaffer, a travel company owner and photographer who was declared the World’s Most Traveled Person in 2005, has sought out MIR for quite a few inventive itineraries.  In August of 2009, Altaffer and fellow adventurers will cruise down Siberia’s Yenesei River past the Arctic Circle and on to Arctic ports that few westerners have glimpsed.  The unusual experiences include a visit to Moscow’s world-class Monino Aviation Museum, and to the Perm 36 Gulag as well as to one of the largest cities in the world built on permafrost, Norilsk.

 In 2008, visiting out-of-the-way places like Rasputin’s hometown, Pokrovskoye, and typical manufacturing cities like Chelyabinsk and Tyumen, Altaffer and his group covered thousands of miles of remote Russian countryside.  Bill’s travel log gives a first-hand account of this off-the-beaten-path exploration; find it at

Another seasoned traveler, “Gunga” Jim Downs, is collaborating with MIR to offer a trip called Caravan of Countries, which ranges through nine countries and one exclave at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, MIR’s specialty.  Beginning in September, 2009, Downs and his group land in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s business center, and range through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,

Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and an exclave of Azerbaijan, Nakhchivan.


For more information about either of these one-of-a-kind journeys contact Dmitry Rudich at MIR Corporation (, email or 1.800.424.7389.

PUBLISHED: February 20, 2009