Introducing MIR’s Flexible Essential Trips and custom travel planners

Introducing MIR’s Flexible Essential Trips and custom travel planners

MIR Corporation, experts in travel to Russia, the Silk Road, the Trans-Siberian Railway and beyond, has developed a new planning tool for your clients who prefer to travel solo, with their family or friends.  Now you can offer them the freedom to create their own completely customized journey to the crossroads of Europe and Asia, with MIR’s expert assistance.  Or, select one of MIR’s streamlined Flexible Essential Trips — suggested itineraries available on a private departure basis with your client’s choice of dates.

Your Client’s Trip, Dates and Signature Experience — MIR’s 22 Years of Expertise

You and your client select the destinations, travel dates, level of accommodation (from rustic lodges to luxury hotels), and the pace of travel.  MIR’s Private Journey Specialist will give you plenty of suggestions and guide you through the options involved in planning a personalized journey for a client.  Enjoy the security and comfort of knowing that capable guides and drivers have been selected, accommodations are waiting at the end of the day, and transportation to the next town or country is already arranged.

Custom & Private Travel Planners

To help you decide among the many options available in a Private Journey, MIR has developed regional planners for each of its destinations, including

Western Russia

Trans-Siberian Railway

Central Asia & Iran



The Baltics

Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova

Central Europe

Eastern Europe

Flexible Essential Trips are perfect as brief overviews of a country or as effortless extensions to other tours.  They offer all the highlights in a compact, well-designed format with land tours starting at $2,495 per person.  MIR’s tour, customizable dates — great for solo travelers, couples or small groups who prefer to travel privately but appreciate a savvy pre-designed program. You can coordinate with ease without doing all the legwork required of a completely customized journey.

Essential St. Petersburg, 8 days

Essential Central Asia, 13 days

Essential Silk Road, 10 days

Essential Iran, 10 days

Essential Georgia, 11 days

Essential Baltics, 7 days

Essential Ukraine, 13 days

Contact a Specialist at MIR at 1-800-424-7289 or to request a planner or a descriptive itinerary for any Flexible Essential Trip and get started planning a Private Journey.

PUBLISHED: January 16, 2009