MIR Corporation Adds Ukraine Travel to Its Luxury Train Journeys

MIR Corporation Adds Ukraine Travel to Its Luxury Train Journeys

SEATTLE, WA –MIR Corporation is excited to announce the addition of Ukraine travel to its stable of luxury train trips aboard the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. The new journey by private train begins with a tour to Russia, exploring Moscow and St. Petersburg, then takes travelers through the capitals of Belarus and Moldova, stopping at gilded churches and powerful fortresses, tasting local wines and sampling local delicacies. The luxury train then glides onto the sunny Crimean Peninsula, where the warm Mediterranean climate created “the playground of the czars” on the shores of the Black Sea before travelers visit Kiev, Ukraine’s busy capital city.

Three styles of accommodation are available on trips aboard the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express luxury train: New Heritage, Gold Class and Silver Class. Gold and Silver each offer private en suite facilities, with upper/lower berth configuration. New Heritage Class cabins feature a wash basin, wardrobe, central air conditioning and shared facilities.

The Crimean Express (Ukraine travel by luxury train) is a 14-day tour from Moscow to Kiev via Belarus & Moldova. It runs from April 24, 2010 ? May 7, 2010. More information is available at http://www.mircorp.com/rail_journeys.asp.

More information about this tour is available at http://www.mircorp.com/rail_journeys.asp or by emailing charity (at) mircorp (dot) com or calling 800-424-7289.

MIR also specializes in the Trans-Siberian Railroad. Trans-Siberian Railroad Tours on theGolden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express luxury train include:

Another departure on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express luxury train is the Silk Road by Private Train between Moscow and Beijing via Central Asia. This journey includes a tour to Russia before boarding the luxury train.

About MIR Corporation

MIR whose name means “peace” and “world” in Russian, has specialized in tours to Russia (and neighboring countries) for 23 years, since founder Douglas Grimes organized his first tour to Russia as a young volleyball player. Offering scheduled and custom journeys to the crossroads of Europe and Asia, MIR and its Seattle-based experts design imaginative trips and work closely with local affiliates to carry them out. MIR has unmatched expertise in tours on the Trans-Siberian Railroad and is uniquely positioned to offer expert advice on Ukraine travel thanks to an affiliate office located in Kiev. MIR has twice been named one of National Geographic Adventure’s “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth,” and is a preferred operator for museum, alumni and special interest organizations across the country. For more information, please visit http://www.mircorp.com or call 800-424-7289.

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PUBLISHED: December 1, 2009