MIR Corporation’s custom journeys inspired by your travel dreams

MIR Corporation’s custom journeys inspired by your travel dreams

July 4th marked the end of the GlobeRiders’ 2008 World Tour, the fifth that MIR has facilitated for the motorcycle adventure company.  This year they roared across seven countries in 53 days, from China to Germany.  Starting their engines 300 kilometers outside of Beijing, the riders headed north through eastern China up to Russia’s Lake Baikal region, across the entire length of Siberia, and down the Volga to the Black Sea, where they boarded a ferry to Ukraine and rolled through the lowlands of Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia into Germany and the end of the tour.  The contingent of 11 riders mingled with a Chinese motorcycle club in Harbin, ate smoked omul – an indigenous fish – on a boat on Lake Baikal, dodged the potholes on the Siberian “National Highway,” savored the civilized cuisine of Eastern Europe and arrived in Germany in time to join the BMW Motorrad International Biker Meeting.  All along the way, MIR was there to double-check the unusual arrangements and to improvise when necessary.

And for a virtual travelogue by the founder of the GlobeRiders, Helge Pedersen, and his wife Karen Ofsthus, now traveling (sans bikes) with MIR overland across Russia by train aboard the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, visit the MIR blog.

With over 20 years of experience and world-class connections, MIR Corporation can plan and execute specialty group tours for any size or interest imaginable.  In operation since 1986, when owner and founder, Douglas Grimes, organized an exchange between Soviet and American volleyball teams, MIR specializes in tours with complex logistical requirements, from Motorcycle Tours to luxury private train charters along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

For more information on MIR Corporation custom journeys, see http://www.mircorp.com, or call 1-800-424-7689.

PUBLISHED: January 21, 2009