MIR Travel Logs

MIR Travel Logs

What’s it like to float down the Volga River along with the Russian National Orchestra?  Or to take a luxury private train from Moscow all the way to UlaanBaatar to attend the annual Naadam Festival?  Or to visit the fabled Iranian city of Isfahan with its luminous bridges and gracious UNESCO-listed Imam Square?

MIR Corporation now includes travel logs on its website, written by candid clients and thoughtful staff reporting on several of its imaginative tours.  Check out www.mircorp.com and click on “Travel Log.”  In business for over 22 years, MIR specializes in St. Petersburg, the Silk Road, Mongolia and beyond, and is an acknowledged expert in this corner of the world.

Trans-Siberian Railway by Private Train from Moscow to UlaanBaatar aboard the Golden Eagle Private Train

MIR clients Helge Pedersen and Karen Ofsthus ride the rails of the fabled Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to UlaanBaatar on MIR’s Trans-Siberian from Moscow to UlaanBaatar private rail journey as they check in from each stop with stories, photos and video. Read a travel log from this journey.

Trans-Siberian Railway by Private Train from Irkutsk to Moscow aboard the Tsar’s Gold Private Train

In the fall of 2008, MIR Sales Specialist Charity Shaller took a ride on a portion of our Trans-Siberian Express Between Beijing & Moscow aboard the Tsar’s Gold private train. Follow along as she describes her adventurous journey from Irkutsk, Siberia, to Moscow. Read a travel log from this journey.

Ancient Persia, Modern Iran

Join MIR Tour Specialist Meaghan Samuels on a tour of Iran she took with her clients in April 2008. Follow her through Tehran, Yazd, Kerman, Shiraz and Persepolis as she discovers this beautiful country of 65 million. Read a travel log from this journey.

Volga River Cruise with the Russian National Orchestra

Join veteran MIR traveler Moonyeen Albrecht on a cruise through the heartland of Russia accompanied by the fine musicians of the Russian National Orchestra. Read a travel log from this journey.

Russia’s Southern Urals & Lower Volga

Follow along with Bill Altaffer, declared the “World’s Most Traveled Man” in 2005, and a group of travelers through the Urals and Lower Volga and into some of the lesser-known towns along the way. Read a travel log from this journey.


PUBLISHED: January 20, 2009