MIR’s Flexible Essential Trips offer value and flexibility for independent travelers

MIR’s Flexible Essential Trips offer value and flexibility for independent travelers

MIR Corporation, a company that specializes in journeys at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, including destinations such as Russia, Central Asia and Iran, offers Flexible Essential Trips that provide travellers access to exciting destinations at a great value. Flexible Essential Trips are suggested itineraries available on a private departure basis with the travelers’ choice of dates.  These trips are perfect as brief overviews of a country or as effortless extensions to MIR’s small group tours. They offer all the highlights of exotic destinations in a compact, well-designed format, taking the guesswork out of trip planning.

Visiting a new destination can be overwhelming and challenging, so MIR Corporation does all of the research and pre-planning for the traveler. These flexible options are ideal for solo travelers, couples, and small groups who crave a unique experience but prefer to travel privately.

Flexible dates also give travelers a chance to take advantage of seasonal airfare offers or dates when they can use frequent flyer miles. Flexible Essential Trips are shorter, less expensive trips than our escorted small group tours, and focus on just the essential sites and inclusions.

Here is a sampling of Flexible Essential Trips offered:

Essential Silk Road – (Land Tour: 10 Days)

Roam the great Silk Road oases of Bukhara, Samarkand and Khiva, along with modern Tashkent, the Uzbek capital. Admire their mosques, madrassahs and minarets built of mudbricks and clad in ceramic tiles the color of the desert sky.

Essential Iran – (Land Tour: 10 Days)

Visit a trio of Iran’s finest cities to discover Persian treasures and modern Islamic daily life. See spirited Tehran, the country’s marketplace, romantic Shiraz with its miles of roses, and beautiful Isfahan, its arched bridges glowing in the evening light.

Essential Central Asia – (Land Tour: 13 Days)

Explore the markets, mosques, minarets and teahouses of oasis towns on the fringes of the Kyzyl Kum and Kara Kum deserts. Here on the bridge between East and West, spiritual beliefs were the greatest commodities to flow along trade routes, and civilizations blossomed amidst austere natural beauty.

Other Essential trips are available to St. Petersburg, the Baltics, Georgia and Ukraine.  For more information about MIR Corporations’ Flexible Essential series, call 1-800-424-7289 or email Charity Shaller at charity@mircorp.com for availability and reservations.

PUBLISHED: February 5, 2009