MIR’s New & Improved Tours for 2012

MIR’s New & Improved Tours for 2012

SEATTLE, WA — During the past 25 years MIR Corpration has built a reputation as a leader in pioneering travel to destinations – from Tibet to Tehran and everyplace in between – considered obscure, exotic, remote, difficult and even controversial.

This year we’re pleased to introduce a these imaginative new trips for 2012:

Inside the Russian Space Program

Looking for an out-of-this-world adventure? Witness the manned launch of the Soyuz spacecraft on its way to relieve the crew of the International Space Station, enjoying unparalleled access to VIP viewing areas and briefing sessions. Back in Moscow, take in the classic sights before you observe the live Soyuz-International Space Station docking at Mission Control Center, an event that very few get to experience in such an intimate way. If you’ve ever dreamed of space travel, here is your chance.

To enhance your near-space experience, the tour features an extremely knowledgeable study leader who will give lectures and be available to answer questions. Dr. Steven Lee is Department Chair and Curator of Planetary Science at the Denver Museum Of Nature And Science. He is science advisor to the Museum’s Space Odyssey exhibition and to the Gates Planetarium, as well as a research scientist at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Douglas Grimes, President and Founder of MIR Corporation, will also accompany the trip, lending his expertise as a three-time witness of Soyuz launches from the Baikonur Russian space facility on the Kazakh steppe.


Russia’s Southern Steppe: Land of Cossacks, Kalmyks & Caviar

Discover the southern Russian steppe, an unfamiliar region spiced with a spirited array of independent cultures, including freedom-loving Cossacks and descendents of the Golden Horde. Explore Volgograd’s massive memorial before learning about the food of kings – caviar – in historic Astrakhan on the Volga River Delta. Visit Buddhist Elista, land of the formerly nomadic Kalmyk people (and home of Chess City); Rostov-on-Don, ancestral home of the Don Cossacks; Krasnodar, headquarters of the Kuban Cossacks; and the balmy Black Sea resort of Sochi.


Christmas Traditions of Poland

Celebrate the heartfelt holiday traditions of Poland, wandering the brilliant Christmas Markets of Krakow and Warsaw and joining a Polish family in their home for the intimate Christmas Eve feast called Wigilia, where you can sample 12 different traditional dishes. This wintry journey brings you close to the warm heart of Poland’s long-standing customs. 


Balkan Odyssey: Crossroads of Cultures

This brand new for 2012 overland journey ties together seven of the wildly divergent Balkan countries. From low-lying Belgrade up through the Dinaric Alps, down to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and back up to mountainous Macedonia, get to know divergent Catholic, Muslim and Orthodox cultures, politically contradictory and ethnically varied. This kaleidoscopic region offers an apprenticeship in diversity. For those who would like to travel independently, our Essential Balkans program offers individuals and families a private journey to seven Balkan countries in twelve days on a compact overland journey through history.


Savistky Museum in Nukus, Uzbekistan

In the heart of the small and, by most accounts, unknown little desert city of Nukus in western Uzbekistan, an exceptional museum of avant garde art grew from the desire of one man, Igor Savitsky, to save Soviet-condemned art from destruction.

Recently, the award-winning documentary, “Desert of Forbidden Art,” has told the incredible story of Savitsky’s crusade to save a treasure trove of banned Soviet art by creating a museum in the far-off desert of Uzbekistan. Along with the visual splendor of these lost canvases, the film explores the question of how art survives in times of oppression.

MIR specializes in travel to Uzbekistan. We have the expertise to help you make your dream trip to this part of the world a reality, including excursions to remote Nukus and the Aral Sea region. Explore the Desert of Forbidden Art museum for yourself on one of MIR’s tours to the region:

PUBLISHED: December 20, 2011