Steam through the Russian Arctic with Paul Theroux

Steam through the Russian Arctic with Paul Theroux

Adventurous travelers can join a steam-hauled journey through the Russian “White Nights” from Moscow to the Arctic Circle and back again on an Arctic Circle Steam Express tour June 13-26, 2009, a private train journey made available in North America by the Russia experts – MIR Corporation.

Beginning and ending in Russia’s capital, the metropolis of Moscow, this fascinating exploration of the Russian Far North will be accompanied by virtuoso travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux, famed for his books about epic train journeys, among them The Great Railway Bazaar, The Old Patagonian Express and his latest, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star. The author plans to lecture about his travel experiences twice during the tour and join the group for meals and excursions.

Theroux and his fellow travelers will experience the Arctic’s 24-hour daylight aboard a comfortable private train hauled by some of the biggest steam engines ever built in Europe; visit Catherine’s Palace outside St. Petersburg with its fabulous Amber Room; and explore northern ports like Murmansk and Archangelsk, where Peter the Great launched the Russian Navy’s first ship. The tour includes a boat ride over the White Sea to the Solovetsky Islands, where an austere 15th century monastery was transformed into the Soviet Union’s first gulag.

For more information, email or call MIR Corporation – with 22 years of expertise in the region – at 1-800-424-7289 to request a free catalog.

PUBLISHED: February 9, 2009