For Sale: Dracula’s Castle

For Sale: Dracula’s Castle

Don’t be surprised if you’re invited to an open house at Count Dracula’s house in Transylvania.

His castle is for sale.

For Sale By OwnerThat infamous and creepy place known as Dracula’s Castle is formally called Bran Castle, perched high on a hill in Romania. It’s the stuff of legends and literature, most famously Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Unlike typical open houses, where everything is all spiffed up for sale, this is an “as is” buy for a rumored $80 million. All reasonable offers considered.

Creeping Around the CastleMore than half-a-million travelers visit Dracula’s Castle each year, poking into its Gothic stone towers, rooms and secret passageways, and admiring its spooky décor. It’s widely known that Vlad Tepes, the ruthless 15th-century Wallachian ruler who reportedly inspired the story of “Dracula,” never actually lived in the castle.  Certain historical accounts indicate that Dracula was imprisoned there for two months in 1462 during the Ottoman advance on the surrounding territory, but Bran Castle was never by any account “his” property.

Dracula's Castle, Romania<br>Photo credit: Liz Riley

Bran Castle, aka Dracula’s Castle, Romania
Photo credit: Liz Riley

Inspiring a WriterWhat’s more, any visitors who make the climb to the imposing Bran Castle already have a leg up on Bram Stoker, as he never visited the castle himself, or even Romania for that matter.  The 19th-century Irish author’s depiction of the creepy castle is a second-hand portrayal based on the accounts of British travelers passing through Wallachia at the time.  The accounts must have been truly vivid, as Stoker’s reading of them inspired him to write an enduring classic.

Changing HandsOnce the possession of Hapsburg royalty, Bran Castle fell to the hands of the Romanian government after WWII.  Since the 1989 revolution that saw the fall of communism, the castle was returned to the contemporary Hapsburg heirs, the same ones who are now looking to offload it to the highest bidder.  Anyone who makes an offer on the property faces several unusual challenges in their new acquisition; not only will they have a 600-year old castle to maintain and promote, but they will be the torch-bearers for an architectural and literary legend. Is that worth a starting price of $80 million?  That remains to be seen when the closing papers are signed!

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(Top photo credit: John Baker – Dracula’s Castle through the back door)

PUBLISHED: October 14, 2014

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