Sarah Brightman: Cosmonaut Space Training in Star City, Russia

Sarah Brightman: Cosmonaut Space Training in Star City, Russia

Sarah Brightman, acclaimed British soprano, has begun her cosmonaut training in Star City, just outside Moscow, Russia. She is preparing for her blast-off to the International Space Station, scheduled for later in the year – the very launch that is a featured event on MIR’s Inside the Russian Space Program group tour.

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Sarah Brightman and a Soyuz LaunchIf all goes well, Brightman – a pop/classical crossover artist best known for her starring role in Phantom of the Opera – will board a Soyuz spacecraft in Baikonur, Kazakhstan on September 1, 2015 and be catapulted into space along with two seasoned cosmonauts.

Astronaut Walk<br>Photo credit: Christopher Prentiss Michel

Their training behind them, these cosmonauts are ready to go
Photo credit: Christopher Prentiss Michel

Witness the Soyuz LaunchAs mentioned, MIR will be there for the launch. Join us – and hopefully, Sarah Brightman – on the 2015 departure of Inside the Russian Space Program, when you can watch the thrilling launch from a VIP viewing area at Russia’s space facility, Baikonur Cosmodrome, on the remote steppe of Kazakhstan.

MIR’s Inside the Russian Space Program also includes opportunities to…

  • Meet and talk with one of the Russian cosmonauts at the formerly secret Star City training center on the outskirts of Moscow, where training takes place for all Soyuz-ISS missions.
  • Participate in the press conference held at the Cosmonaut Hotel in Baikonur with the main and back-up crew members.
  • Witness the launch of the Soyuz rocket on its way to the International Space Station, from the VIP viewing area.
  • Train like a real cosmonaut by signing up for one of the optional training activities: a Zero-Gravity Flight, or Space Walk Training in the Orlan Spacesuit Lab at Star City.

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(Top photo: The raising of the rocket, Baikonaur, Kazakhstan. Photo credit: Christopher Prentiss Michel)

PUBLISHED: February 11, 2015

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