Sixty Restaurant – Best Views in Moscow, Russia

Sixty Restaurant – Best Views in Moscow, Russia

Out on a scouting excursion, John Seckel, Director of MIR’s affiliated Moscow, Russia office, boarded a high-speed computer-controlled elevator in the West Federation Tower that swept him quickly up 60 stories to the cloakroom of Moscow’s highest restaurant, appropriately named “Sixty.”

A Wisconsin native, John has run our Moscow office for 10 years.

A Wisconsin native, John has run our Moscow office for nearly 10 years

My journey to Sixty took me to Metro station Delovoi Tsentr (Business Center) in the heart of Moscow’s new skyscraper district, called Moscow-City. Coming out of the Metro, I found myself in one of Moscow’s poshest new shopping and entertainment centers, Afi Mall.

Luckily, the exit leading to the Federation Tower, where Sixty Restaurant is located, is not too far from where I was, or I might have been tempted to do a little window shopping (which of course would have led to buying something that I didn’t need).

As I entered the Federation Tower lobby, a very polite receptionist greeted me and directed me to the elevator. Moscow doesn’t have too many of these “smart” elevators that ask you to select your floor before you enter. There are three elevators, and they somehow calculate which one will get you where you need to go the quickest, taking into consideration the other requests from the other 60+ floors.

The doors closed and we took off. It was a smooth ride, from 0 to 60 in 12 seconds. (It takes me that long to get to our office on the 7th floor in my building.) The only way that I could tell we were moving was that the digital floor numbers changed so quickly – and that my ears starting popping.

I walked out of the cabin and expected to see the restaurant in front of me, but no, I needed to go up even higher. Only their coat check is on the 60th floor; the restaurant is another two floors up.

Arriving in the restaurant lobby after a speedy journey up<br>Photo: John Seckel

Arriving in the restaurant lobby after a speedy journey up
Photo: John Seckel

I’d been told that the best views are from the tables near the windows, but I can assure you that the panoramic city view can be seen from almost any table. You can also enjoy the view of the sky, as the ceiling is made out of glass. Day or night, this restaurant has the best view in Moscow.

The cuisine at Sixty is a mix of European, Mediterranean, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and pan-Asian, but since the ban on some European food imports, the chef has been looking closer to home for inspiration. Kamchatka crab, wild mushrooms, Murmansk cod, local lamb, Siberian wild sturgeon, and Borodino crackers are on the menu, and the average check comes to around $64.

Lift your glass sky-high at Sixty, in MoscowPhoto credit: John Seckel

Lift your glass to the sky at Sixty, in Moscow
Photo credit: John Seckel

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Top photo: The beautiful bar at Sixty. Photo credit: John Seckel

PUBLISHED: April 27, 2016

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