The Trans-Siberian Railway: Tsar’s Gold is the Best-Value Rail Journey by Private Train

The Trans-Siberian Railway: Tsar’s Gold is the Best-Value Rail Journey by Private Train

Rail journeys by private train are in a class of their own, giving you the opportunity to experience remote destinations in unparalleled style. Travelers enjoy the comfort and efficiency of their own private cabins, as well as the relaxed ambience aboard the train.

The Tsar’s Gold is a pleasant and comfortable, though not luxurious, private train that offers great value for your travel dollar. Compared to other Trans-Siberian rail journey by private train options, the least expensive Tsar’s Gold option is nearly $7,000 less than the least expensive option on other private trains.

Where other Trans-Siberian Railway itineraries only include two countries, the Tsar’s Gold route travels through three, and is the only one that goes all the way to China – via Mongolia‘s capital, Ulaanbaatar. The Tsar’s Gold route connects the capitals of Russia and China – Moscow and Beijing:

A performance in Mongolia. Photo credit: Lucio Rossi /

A performance in Mongolia
Photo credit: Lucio Rossi /

A journey between Moscow and Beijing on the Tsar’s Gold stands out for 3 reasons:

1. Hotel overnights break up the journey

Travelers stay in hotels at the beginning and end of the tour in Moscow and Beijing, but unlike on other Trans-Siberian rail journeys by private train, Tsar’s Gold passengers also enjoy hotel nights along the way, in the Siberian city of Irkutsk and in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. A refreshing change from the cozy train cabins, a night “on the ground” gives you more options to choose from and more time for off-the-train experiences, including:

  • Travel outside Ulaanbaatar to the rolling steppe to see a demonstration of expert Mongolian horsemanship.
  • Delight in the intricate gingerbread patterning of traditional wooden houses in Irkutsk.

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Bolshoi Platinum Class on the Tsars Gold

Sample Bolshoi Platinum Class Sleeper (day),
Tsar’s Gold

2. The Tsar’s Gold features 6 different categories of cabins

Choose among six different categories of cabins and price points to best fit your travel style and budget:

From the Bolshoi Platinum, with its en suite facilities and spacious dimensions, to the Classic, the best-value cabin option, and with four additional styles in between, the Tsar’s Gold exclusive private train furnishes the dream of Old World rail travel with modern comforts and amenities that make the journey as pleasant as the destinations.

When comparing prices between the Tsar’s Gold and other Trans-Siberian rail journeys by private train, the price difference is most noticeable between the most economical cabin options: The Tsar’s Gold Classic option is $6,700 less than the most economical Golden Eagle cabin.

No matter what cabin style you choose, the comfortable Tsar’s Gold offers a restful and satisfying way to experience a legendary rail route.

Beijing, China

A carved marble pillar at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China
Photo credit: Lucio Rossi/

3. The Tsar’s Gold route traverses Russia, Mongolia and China

While other Trans-Siberian rail journeys by private train focus on just two countries, the Tsar’s Gold traverses three countries (Russia, Mongolia, and China), including two of the world’s largest. Touring highlights featured on the Tsar’s Gold itineraries include:

  • Admire the classic sites of Beijing, including the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City and the Great Wall.
  • In Ulan Ude, Siberia, take a selfie in front of the largest Lenin head in the world.
  • Enjoy a special onboard “Tsar’s Feast” and vodka tasting.
  • Experience a traditional bread and salt welcome in Novosibirsk on the Ob River.
  • Visit the Church on the Blood in Ekaterinburg, standing over the spot where Nicholas II and his family were killed.
  • Discover the UNESCO listed Kazan Kremlin, originally a fortress of the Golden Horde.
  • Take a stroll through Moscow’s Red Square.

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Tsar's Gold at Lake Baikal

The Tsar’s Gold hugs the shore at Lake Baikal

Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway with MIRTravel the Trans-Siberian Railway aboard the Tsar’s Gold either westbound between Beijing & Moscow or eastbound between Moscow & Beijing. You can also opt to travel aboard regularly scheduled trains with locals or aboard the luxury Golden Eagle private train.

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PUBLISHED: April 22, 2015

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