Travel to Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova: An In-depth Study of Three Unsung Countries & Transdniester

Travel to Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova: An In-depth Study of Three Unsung Countries & Transdniester

Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova are three of the least familiar countries in EuropeTogether with the de facto republic of Transdniester, these countries form a fascinating and little visited region that has changed hands from its earliest history.

Travel on a “Tour of a Lifetime”MIR’s small group tour, Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova, gathers these countries and Transdniester into one 14-day itinerary, a trip that was pronounced a “Tour of a Lifetime” by National Geographic Traveler.

Unusual and UnexpectedBelarus is a great place to catch a glimpse of the old Soviet Union, if you didn’t get a chance to visit before its demise. Ukraine, although bigger than either France or Germany, is much less frequented and more unspoiledMoldova, in spite of its growing reputation as prime wine country, remains one of the most neglected countries in Europe. And Transdniester, a narrow strip of Moldovan land bordering Ukraine where separatists have declared a disputed independence, gives travelers a glimpse back into the socialist past with its old-school Soviet architecture.

Chisinau, Moldova

Whoa Nellie: A farmer slows his horse near Chisinau, Moldova
Photo credit: Joanna Millick

Make the Most of Your Trip: Signature ExperiencesOn an itinerary designed by destination experts, travelers explore the urban highlights and the rural backroads:

  • Dine with a rural family in the Belarusian countryside.
  • Browse the Lviv Pharmacy Museum, its walls lined with antique bottles and vessels from long ago, 
when medicine was more of an art than a science.
  • Learn from an artist in a private studio in Kiev.
  • Explore the caves beneath Odessa where Ukrainian partisans took their resistance movement literally underground during WWII.
  • Sample home-cooked Moldovan cuisine at a meal in a Chisinau home, and Moldova’s notable
 wines at a winery.
  • Discover the Soviet time capsule of Tiraspol, capital of the de facto sovereign state of Transdniester.
Belarusian wine tasting

Enjoy a wine tasting and Belarusian hospitality
Photo credit: Michel Behar

Go Far From The FamiliarThis refreshing tour begins in Minsk, capital of Belarus. Having survived innumerable disasters through the ages, including the Tatar raids and the battles of WWII, Minsk today gives a fascinating glimpse into the socialist past.

Travelers stop in the Soviet Hero Fortress of Brest before crossing the border into Ukraine to visit three elegant cities – Lviv, Kiev and Odessa. Next is a drive from Odessa to Chisinau, capital of the tiny country of Moldova. Primarily an agricultural place, Moldova is beginning to make a name for itself with its deep red wines.

While in Moldova, travelers will have the opportunity to take a day-trip to Transdniester, visiting Tiraspol, the second-largest city in Moldova and the de facto capital of Transdniester, and the medieval town of Bendery, where the remains of a large fortress speak to the region’s turbulent history.

The vibrant colors of St. Michaels Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. Photo credit: Douglas Grimes

The golden domes of sky-blue St. Michael’s Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine
Photo credit: Douglas Grimes

Travel to Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova with MIR

MIR has over 30 years of travel experience to these unconventional countries. Chat with a MIR destination expert to learn more about MIR’s tour Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova, a National Geographic Traveler “Tour of a Lifetime.”

You can also explore Western Ukraine on its own with Essential Ukraine – traveling on your own dates with a ready-made itinerary – or work with a MIR Private Journeys specialist to create your own personalized custom private journey to this region.

Top photo: Lviv is the most important city in Western Ukraine, and one of the country’s most exhilarating. Photo credit: Gerhard Bartsch

PUBLISHED: May 12, 2015

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