Travel to Eastern Turkey and Georgia: History, Culture and Cuisine

Travel to Eastern Turkey and Georgia: History, Culture and Cuisine

Eastern Turkey and Georgia together – what a treat. The cuisine alone is worth the trip. Add to that the famous stone heads of Nemrut Dağ, Turkey’s kaleidoscopic bazaars, thousand-year-old churches, magnificent cave towns and a Georgian feast overflowing with wine, laden with food and celebrated with song, and you have an unequalled travel experience.

MIR’s small group tour, Eastern Turkey & Georgia: Legacy of Empire, features all of these experiences, and more.

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Eastern Turkey: Undiscovered and UnforgettableThe route through Eastern Turkey is not on your usual Turkey itinerary, allowing you to get a feel for the daily lives of the people here as they go about their business. The substantial age and mystery of the towns, the archaeological sites and the monuments of this region combine to make it an inspiring landing-place.

  • Discover Mardin’s Syriac Christian Saffron Monastery, founded in the 5th century.
  • Ascend to mysterious Göbekli Tepe (“belly hill” in Turkish), believed to be the oldest human-made sacred place ever discovered.
  • Admire the strange beehive-shaped houses of Harran, where people lived until very recent times.
  • Watch the rising sun illuminate the monumental stone heads of Nemrut Dağ.
  • Board a boat for the trip from Van across the lake to Akhtamar Island, to inspect the thousand-year-old Church of the Holy Cross.

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Georgia: Culture and CuisineA proud independent spirit, a long tradition of lavish hospitality and an abundance of Nature’s gifts make the Georgian people fabulous hosts, imaginative chefs, creative artists and open-hearted friends, and their country a green and pleasant land.

  • Attend a performance of Georgian vocal music, one of the oldest and most intriguing polyphonic vocal traditions in Europe.
  • Learn about Svanetian culture over a meal with a family in a private home.
  • Visit Ushguli, the highest village in Europe.
  • Stroll the streets of Tbilisi, stopping to sample fresh baked bread or pick up a bottle of Georgian wine from a local market.
  • Savor an authentic “Georgian Table,” featuring an abundance of local specialties and an official Georgian toastmaster.

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Travel to Turkey and Georgia with MIRWith more than 25 years of travel experience in this region, MIR’s small group tour, Eastern Turkey and Georgia: Legacy of Empire, captures all that these destinations have to offer. Connect with a Tour Specialist to discuss availability on this unusual two-country exploration.

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(Top photo: Church of the Holy Cross, perched above beautiful Lake Van. Photo credit: Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism)

PUBLISHED: March 3, 2015

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