Travel to Iran: Traditional Persian Music and Drumming (VIDEO)

Travel to Iran: Traditional Persian Music and Drumming (VIDEO)

MIR Tour Manager extraordinaire Martin Klimenta is also an accomplished photographer and videographer. On a recent departure of MIR’s Ancient Persia – Modern Iran small group tour, he filmed some footage of traditional Persian music performances in Tehran and Kerman.

The first clip shows a Tehrani ensemble consisting of an accordion, a Persian hammered dulcimer, called a santoor, and a Persian lute, or barbat.

In the next clip, a traditional drummer solos on the dap, or daf, frame drum, an instrument dating back to Sassanid times. The wooden hoop of the drum is covered with stretched goatskin, and sometimes has rings attached to make a jingling sound. These are the precursors of the tambourine, which made its way into Europe and northern Africa.

The traditional duo performs regularly here, in an elegant underground teahouse at the Kerman bazaar. The room, which has great acoustics, was originally a hamom, or bathhouse.

Kerman, Iran Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

Tiled archways in Kerman, Iran
Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher

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(Top photo: A traditional drumming performance in a former bathhouse-turned-teahouse in Kerman, Iran. Photo credit: Lindsay Fincher)

PUBLISHED: July 16, 2015

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