Traveler Spotlight: Mongolian Explorer Chronicled in ITN

Traveler Spotlight: Mongolian Explorer Chronicled in ITN

MIR traveler Jim Delmonte and his wife Sandy were inspired to join MIR’s ambitious small group tour, Mongolian Explorer: The Gobi & Beyond with Naadam Festival, after seeing an ad in International Travel News (ITN).

Coming full circle, Jim’s article describing their experience appeared in the December 2017 issue of ITN. It begins with “Visiting Mongolia was a wonderful experience.” (read the full article).

Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi Desert

Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi Desert
Photo credit: Andrew Barron

Jim and Sandy and their traveling companions began in the modern capital, Ulaanbaatar, then flew to alpine Lake Hovsgol in northern Mongolia, where they slept in traditional gers and observed the reindeer herds of the Tsaatan nomads.

Gers with a Lake Hovsgal view in Mongolia. Photo: Peter Guttman

Gers with a Lake Hovsgol view in Mongolia
Photo: Peter Guttman

Next they set off overland through grassland and steppe to the great Gobi Desert. Buddhist monasteries marked the vague tracks across the steppe, and the deluxe Three Camel ger camp welcomed them in the austere Gobi. They finished in Ulaanbaatar, attending the unparalleled Naadam Festival competitions.

Jim’s article is a thorough evaluation of the tour, complete with various insider tips gleaned from his experience.

“This was an exciting trip even for a seasoned traveler. Want to get dirty, see wild animals, sleep in tiny gers and eat yak meat? This trip is for you!”  (read the full article)

Tsaatan Reindeer People at Hovsgol. Photo credit: Peter Guttman

Tsaatan reindeer people at Lake Hovsgol
Photo: Peter Guttman

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Travel to Mongolia on the trip Jim wrote about in ITN

Mongolian Explorer: The Gobi & Beyond with Naadam Festival

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Top photo: “Welcome to Mongolia,” says the camel. Photo: Martin Klimenta

PUBLISHED: March 13, 2018

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