Why Move Eastern Europe to the Top of your Travel Bucket List?

Why Move Eastern Europe to the Top of your Travel Bucket List?

A friend recently had to travel to Moldova for a wedding. She wasn’t keen on the trip, because who ever goes to Moldova on purpose? Why couldn’t the bride and groom have gotten married in Paris, or Maui?

But, you know what? It opened up a whole new world for her. The wedding itself was the best she’d ever been to, with a feast consisting of six courses served over a period of eight hours, and traditional dancing in between courses. And the cities and towns she visited were unbelievably beautiful – European, yet with that hint of “otherness” that makes travel so exciting.

A post-meal tradition in Moldova. Photo credit: Joanna Millick

A post-meal tradition in Moldova
Photo credit: Joanna Millick

Do Something DifferentHow about ditching the familiar, and charting new travel territory? ­How about choosing destinations your friends have never been to, or even considered? How about discovering people in places totally off your travel radar that nevertheless are happily going about their business in a dimension you are unaware of?

How about joining “Journey to Eastern Europe,” a special one-time MIR departure that has been opened to travelers who are ready to go beyond the familiar? It takes place from September 16 to October 3, 2016

Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia strut their stuff on this wildly different itinerary:

  • Belarus, a place of factories, wooden houses, forests and farmland
  • Ukraine, cradle of Slavic civilization
  • Moldova, its green hills and plains stitched together with grape vines
  • Serbia, with its irresistible capital city, Belgrade
  • Kosovo, Europe’s newest country
  • Macedonia, a compact jewel, seductive in its hospitality, tidy towns, and traces of the past

Heavy on the HighlightsHere are just a few of the highlights on this six-country journey through unsung locations:

  • Dine with a local family in rural Belarus and learn about life in this corner of the world.
  • Stop by a Lviv icon painter’s workshop to speak with the artist and see his recent work and that of his students.
  • Explore a family-run goat farm and cheese-making enterprise, enjoying lunch and a tasting of Ukrainian hand-made cheeses here.
  • Visit the Chernobyl Museum, explaining the combination of human error and design flaws responsible for the 1986 explosion and fire at Reactor #4, only 62 miles from Kiev.
  • Stop by ousted President Viktor Yanukovich’s mansion compound on the outskirts of Kiev, complete with a full-size galleon floating on a man-made lake, a classic car collection, and a private zoo.
  • Enjoy a traditional lunch of homemade favorites with a Moldovan family.
  • Explore one of the largest underground wine cellars in the world at the Moldovan wine producer, Cricova; the miles of tunnels were excavated in the 15th century.
  • Stroll the street of Skadarlija, Belgrade’s bohemian quarter, a vibrant area filled with shops, coffee houses and restaurants, and sometimes compared with Paris’ Montmartre district.
  • Attend a performance of traditional Macedonian music and dancing in Skopje.
  • Discover four fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ukraine, Serbia and Kosovo.

Travel to Eastern Europe with MIR

No matter where you go, it’s important to travel with an experienced tour operator. MIR has over two decades of Central and East Europe travel experience. For more information, and a daily itinerary, about the special one-time departure of “Journey to Eastern Europe,” call or email Dmitry Rudich, at 877-535-9814. 

Fodor’s Travel Intelligence blog praised MIR for expertise in planning custom trips for travelers exploring their roots in Central and East Europe. Our small group tour, Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova, was honored by National Geographic Traveler as a “Tour of a Lifetime.”

MIR specializes in personalized, private journeys, and we love to take your ideas and weave them into a trip tailored especially for you. Travel wherever, however, and with whomever you like, relying on our expert assistance. Contact us to find out more about our custom and private travel expertise – each trip handcrafted to your interests, dates and pace.

Top Photo: The vibrant colors of St. Michaels Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. Photo credit: Douglas Grimes

PUBLISHED: June 22, 2016

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  • Sandra Smith

    Sounds very interesting, but I’m traveling the Northwest Passage, Resolute to Anadyr in September. Maybe you’ll do this again?!?!

  • john sepenoski

    I would love to take this trip, but am going to the 5 Stans during this time period. Run the trip again next year and I will go. john sepenoski

  • K. Thibodeau

    I hope you offer this trip again, as I am already travelling during a portion of the dates shown.