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Design Your Own Trip to Bahrain

Photo credit: Tabish Firoz

Traveling privately on a custom program means flexibility


Custom and private travel is our specialty. We’ve been designing unforgettable custom trips to the region for decades. A majority of our clients travel on custom itineraries.

To get started on a custom Bahrain itinerary read more about how to design your own trip. Please call in or complete a Custom Travel Inquiry to start working with one of our Private Journey Specialists.

Signature Experiences

Below are just a few examples of the signature experiences that MIR can arrange for you in Bahrain. Get in touch with one of our Private Journey Specialists to craft an itinerary that’s uniquely suited to your travel goals, budget, and style.

  • Walk through the Old Town of Muharraq, Bahrain’s former capital and one of the best places in the country to see traditional Bahraini architecture alongside bustling markets and dhows moored in the harbor
  • Savor a meal of Bahraini cuisine, heavily influenced by Persian and Indian cooking styles and seasoned with spices such as dried limes, saffron, and cardamom
  • Catch the high-speed action at the extremely popular Bahrain F1 Grand Prix, Manama’s most important annual event
  • Dive deep into local history with visits to the millennia-old Dilmun Burial Mounds, the UNESCO-listed 16th-century Portuguese Bahrain Fort, or the modern Bahrain National Museum
  • Get out of the city and explore Bahrain’s flora, fauna, and natural scenery with visits to the centuries-old Tree of Life, the surrounding deserts, the endangered species protected at Al Areen Wildlife Park, or even a snorkeling trip in the warm waters off the coast
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