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Design Your Own Trip to Mongolia

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Traveling privately on a custom itinerary means flexibility


Traveling privately on a custom itinerary means flexibility – flexibility to immerse yourself in your own exclusive experience, to craft an itinerary around your interests, and to travel when it’s right for you.

Want an exciting off-road adventure across the Mongolian steppe, visiting with nomadic families and overnighting under the stars at ger camps? How about exploring the Gobi Desert on the back of a camel, trekking across sand dunes and trying salted, buttered tea and aruul – chunks of dried camel’s milk? Need suggestions?

To get started planning a Mongolia itinerary, take a look at our suggested Private Journey to the region, Essential Mongolia, or read more about how to design your own trip.

Also keep in mind that you can customize any of our small group tours to match your preferred dates of travel. Get in touch, we’re here to help.

Signature Experiences

Below are just a few examples of the signature experiences that MIR can arrange for you in Mongolia. Let them be a source of inspiration, then get in touch with one of our Private Journey Specialists to craft an itinerary that’s uniquely suited to your travel goals, budget, and style.

  • Fly to Muron for a taste of nomadic life: riding horses in the Tsaatan semi-nomadic tribe region, visiting Tsaatan reindeer herders, and experiencing a night in an alpine ger (tent).
  • Roll up your sleeves for a hands-on Mongolian dumpling cooking class with the head chef of Three Camel Lodge, then enjoy these savory bundles for a truly authentic meal.
  • Spend the day alongside a private paleontologist, learning the rich natural history of the Gobi as well as its prehistoric finds and excavations.
  • Receive a private blessing from a Buddhist monk at Gandantegchinlen (Gandan) Monastery, the “Great Place of Complete Joy.”

Private Itineraries

Whether you’re looking for a compact trip that hits the highlights or something more in depth, MIR offers private itineraries that can be adapted to your choice of dates. Our itinerary, your dates – it’s a great option whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or in a small group.

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Traveler Reviews

  • "…Each day was a new, enriching experience….Our top-notch guide welcomed us so strongly and gave us a ‘college short course’ in Mongolia!"

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