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10 Festivals to Inspire the Perfect Valentine’s Day Travel Gift

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Private Travel

What could be a better Valentine’s Day gift than the extraordinary experience that transcends the ordinary? Explore the option of a personalized private trip crafted by MIR’s specialists. Tailored to your preferences, this unique journey promises meaningful moments that make this Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable. Escape the ordinary and discover the heart of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Wander through vineyards, trace history along ancient streets, and immerse yourselves in timeless traditions.

To fuel your wanderlust, MIR’s travel experts have curated a selection of 10 festivals around the globe, offering a distinct charm during this season of love and beyond. With festivals and special events, these locales provide opportunities for unique cultural encounters, resonating with your adventurous spirit.



1. Muscat Festival in Oman – January – February

Immerse in Omani culture and heritage at the Muscat Festival. Revel in a symphony of traditional music, dance, and art that echo the Sultanate’s historical richness and contemporary progress.

2. Taste of Dubai in the UAE – February

Embark on a culinary journey at the Taste of Dubai where the city’s diverse gastronomic scene takes center stage. Experience a palette of flavors while exploring the city’s vibrant food culture.

3. Lunar New Year in China – February

Be part of the Lunar New Year festivities including colorful parades and traditional dances to usher in the Year of the Wood Dragon with fanfare.

4. Navruz in Central Asia, Turkiye & Azerbaijan – March

Celebrated in late March across many of MIR’s favorite places including Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkiye, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, Navruz marks the arrival of spring. Enjoy traditional music and dance performances, and local culinary specialties that are made only for this special time of year.

5. Dubai World Cup in the UAE – March

March 30th marks the Dubai World Cup, a premier event in global horse racing, where glitz and glamor intersect with world-class competition, attracting racing enthusiasts and international celebrities alike.

6. Zero Compromise Natural Wine Fair in Georgia – May

Immerse yourself in a two-day celebration of natural wine in Tbilisi May 11-12, featuring wines from all over the country of Georgia. Learn all about Georgia’s 8000 years of qvevri winemaking heritage and taste the amber wines the country is becoming known for to your heart’s content.


7. Rose Festival in Bulgaria – June

In early June, Bulgaria blossoms with the Rose Festival, a fragrant celebration of the nation’s rose-growing heritage. The air is filled with the scent of roses, and this quirky festival features opportunities to pick roses and see the crowning of the Rose Queen.

8. Naadam Festival in Mongolia – July

Join the exhilarating Naadam Festival in Mongolia from July 12-13, a thrilling spectacle of the three traditional “Manly Games” – wrestling, horse racing, and archery – offering a window into the nomadic culture and athleticism that define this captivating event.


9. World Nomad Games in Kazakhstan – September

The World Nomad Games, held biennially since 2014, alternate between mountainous Kyrgyzstan and other locations, including Turkiye. The 2024 event will unfold on the steppes of central Kazakhstan, showcasing nomadic traditions and sports like horseback archery, falconry, and a traditional game with a goat carcass as the ball—a Central Asian Olympics.

10. Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia – October

Discover Mongolia’s Golden Eagle Festival, a gathering of skilled eagle hunters and their eagles in the Altai Mountains. This immersive celebration of nomadic culture (held October 5-6 in 2024) goes beyond eagle hunting, showcasing traditional games such as wrestling, horse racing, and archery.

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PUBLISHED: October 1, 2023

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