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Design Your Own Trip to Georgia

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Plot Your Own Path


Traveling privately on a custom itinerary means flexibility – flexibility to immerse yourself in your own exclusive experience, to craft an itinerary around your interests, and to travel when it’s right for you.

Want to learn more about traditional Georgian winemaking with a visit to a local qvevri maker’s workshop, seeing how these 200-900 gallon earthenware vessels used to ferment and store Georgian wine are made? How about a visit to a local silk farm, where the host shares her encyclopedic knowledge of herbs, remedies, and traditional recipes over tea? Need suggestions?

To get started planning a Georgia itinerary, take a look at our suggested Private Journeys to the region – Essential Georgia, Essential Georgia & Armenia, Essential Caucasus – or read more about how to design your own trip.

Also keep in mind that you can customize any of our small group tours to match your preferred dates of travel. Get in touch, we’re here to help.

Signature Experiences

Below are just a few examples of the signature experiences that MIR can arrange for you in Georgia. Let them be a source of inspiration, then get in touch with one of our Private Journey Specialists to craft an itinerary that’s uniquely suited to your travel goals, budget, and style.  

  • Visit a local family in the tiny village of Tsdo and learn the art of making khinkali – traditional Georgian dumplings.
  • Delve deeper into Georgia’s fabulous food at an exclusive cooking class with star chef Tekuna Gachechiladze, dubbed “the queen of Georgian fusion.” 
  • Sample natural wines on private tastings at some of Georgia’s most respected wineries. 
  • Hear a performance of Georgian polyphonic choral music at Jvari Church, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Private Itineraries

Whether you’re looking for a compact trip that hits the highlights or something more in depth, MIR offers private itineraries that can be adapted to your choice of dates. Our itinerary, your dates – it’s a great option whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or in a small group.

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Traveler Reviews

  • "[This was] the trip of a lifetime, especially the Svaneti area of Georgia…. Being in the [Caucasus Mountains] was like being in a National Geographic article."

    R. H. Freed

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