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Moldova, in spite of its growing reputation as prime wine country, remains one of the least-frequented countries in Europe.  Wedged between Romania and Ukraine, Moldovans are ethnically related to Romanians, but over time they have imbibed a Slavic way of enjoying life, which shows up especially in the increasingly hip capital, Chisinau. Come discover a more relaxed, simpler time and place.

Why Travel with MIR to Moldova
  • Over two decades of Moldova travel experience
  • National Geographic Traveler honored MIR’s small group tour, Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova, as a “Tour of a Lifetime”
  • Travel programs such as the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Education Foundation (WAFEF) have chosen MIR to guide them to Moldova
  • Twice named one of National Geographic Adventure’s “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”
  • On-the-ground support and quality you can trust
  • Personalized travel planning from start to finish
  • Guides and tour managers that clients rave about
Signature Experiences

We regularly garner applause from our travelers for the inspired opportunities we provide to help them get to know the local people, distinctive art, architecture and accomplishments of Moldova.  Below is just a sampling of the Moldova experiences MIR has designed to take our clients far from the familiar.

Ways to Travel to Moldova with MIR

We’ve traveled again and again to Moldova, and found that our travelers appreciate being introduced to this quiet agricultural country. MIR can get you out into the country to some of the traditional Moldovan villages with their unpaved streets, wandering livestock and backyard vegetable gardens.

Take a look at your options, from small group escorted tours to independent, custom and private travel:

Small Group Tours
Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova

Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova

An In-depth Study of Three Unsung Countries and Transdniester

Travels to: Belarus, Central and East Europe, Moldova, Ukraine

14 Days / Departures in May, August 2020

Small Group land tour from $7,495, plus $250 internal air

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Rail Journeys by Private Train

At the moment, we don’t offer any rail tours that include this destination. However, we do have a variety of options for rail journeys by private train, including those that travel along the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway.

Custom and private travel is our specialty. We’ve been designing unforgettable custom itineraries across the Great European Plain, including to Moldova, for over two decades; a majority of our guests travel on custom itineraries.

For ideas, peruse one of our Regional Travel Planners, a roundup of the must-sees from our savvy staff.

Take a look at our suggested Private Journeys for this region or read more about how to design your own trip.  Also, consider this: You can customize our small group tour Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova to match your preferred dates of travel.

Design Your Own Custom Trip

Traveling privately on a custom program means flexibility:

  • You set the dates, the focus and the level of accommodations.
  • You are met on arrival and seen off at the end of your trip.
  • Your in-country transportation is pre-arranged hassle-free.
  • Your own expert local guides ensure that you get the most out of your visit.
  • And the best part? You travel at your own pace on an itinerary exclusive to you.

Check out just a handful of our past Moldova signature experiences below and then get in touch with a MIR Private Journey Specialist to craft an itinerary that suits your travel goals, budget and style.  Or get started planning now.

Suggested Itineraries for Private Travel

Whether you’re looking for a compact trip with all the highlights or something a little roomier with some of the extras, MIR’s Private Journeys department can suggest places to see and things to do based on our local knowledge, and design a one-of-a-kind itinerary for your group of friends or club members.

Find out more about our custom & private travel expertise or connect with a Custom Group Travel Specialist to get started.

Our Favorite Places in Moldova


First mentioned in the 15th century when it was founded around a monastery, Chisinau has seen a variety of invasions by the Turks and Tatars. In 1918 Chisinau was transferred to independent Romania, but in 1940 the Red Army reclaimed the city for the Soviet Union. Most of the picturesque parts of the city date from this inter-war period when many of the houses were built from the local limestone.

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Drive outside the city of Chisinau to visit the Old Orhei Monastery Complex, carved out of a limestone cliff overlooking the Raut River. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the complex includes Christian and pre-Christian monastic cells and the remains of a 14th century fortress.

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Cricova Winery

Outside of Chisinau, explore one of the largest underground wine cellars in the world at the Moldovan wine producer, Cricova. The miles of tunnels were excavated in the 15th century and the limestone carted off to help build Chisinau. Since 1954 the Cricova winery has used them to store their products in the constant temperature and humidity of the underground labyrinth. The cellars include a priceless collection of pre WWII wines as well as the renowned wines of Cricova.

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Contact a MIR Private Journeys Specialist at privatejourneys@mircorp.com or 800-424-7289 to plan a custom & private trip to the Cricova Winery.




Soroca, in northern Moldova on the Dniester River, is known as the “capital” of the Roma in Moldova; the former king of Moldovan Roma, Mircea Cerari, was buried here in 1998. Soroca is best known as the location of the medieval Soroca Fortress. First mentioned in 1499, it probably began as a wood­en and earthen fortress before it was rebuilt by Transylvanian craftsmen between 1543 and 1546. The fortress used to be portrayed on Moldova’s old currency, and remains on the 20-lei bill and on the back of Moldovan identity cards.

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Take a day trip to the Transdniester region, a narrow strip of land bordering Ukraine where separatists have declared a disputed independence. Named for the Dniester River that separates it from Moldova proper, the region has its own anthem, flag and coat of arms. Demographically, it is home to a majority of ethnic Russians and Ukrainians, with ethnic Moldovans making up a small but significant minority. En route, visit Tiraspol, the second largest city in Moldova and the defacto capital of Transdniester, and Bendery, a medieval town technically on the Moldovan side of the river, but controlled by the Transdniester government, where the remains of a large fortress speak to the region’s turbulent history.

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Journeys that travel to Transdniester

Contact a MIR Private Journeys Specialist at privatejourneys@mircorp.com or 800-424-7289 to plan a custom & private trip to Transdniester.


When to Travel to Moldova

International Music Festival – Faces of Friends, Cahul (August)

Moldovan fountain and rainbow

Held in Cahul, a small city south of Chisinau, the Faces of Friends Music Festival draws the best musicians from Moldova and her neighbors. Bands come from Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and the musical offerings include jazz, pop, rock and more.

Wine Festival, Chisinau (October)

The second weekend of October, Moldova holds a Wine Festival to celebrate one of the country’s oldest traditions, winemaking. This occasion marks the end of the current year’s harvest and welcomes the next year’s fruit. The festival features a fare of winemakers, wine tasting, traditional Moldovan cuisine and folk music and dance. Both professional and non-professional winemakers participate.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s is an important holiday to the Moldovan people and observed with a host of folk traditions. On New Year’s Eve, families leave their door slightly ajar, inviting the new year to enter as the old year takes its leave. The next morning, boys carry the ancestral plow as they wish their neighbors and loved ones a good new year. The day continues with folk plays, where actors portray sheep, bears and horses.