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Is MIR Group Travel Right for Me?

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Find Out

MIR small group tours are designed with the inquisitive traveler in mind. They are carefully crafted and thoughtfully led by people passionate about the places located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Whether you’re seeking experiences in Albania beyond the guidebook, a chance to savor the organic wines, khachapuri and khinkali dumplings that Georgia is becoming famous for, or want to crisscross the Balkan region to understand its complexities, there’s a small group tour that’s likely perfect for you.

Offering an extensive array of destinations, diverse activity levels, and a range of prices, the question lingers: Does MIR’s style of group travel suit me?

Here are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Decide if MIR Group Travel is Right for You:

  1. Do you like to get to know the locals and appreciate having an entrée to the culture?
  2. Do you enjoy meeting other like-minded travelers and sharing your adventures? (MIR small group tours average 8 travelers, and are maximum 12 or 16, depending on trip type)
  3. Would you like to experience all the little extras like musical performances and private home visits that you may miss if traveling independently?
  4. Does traveling with an experienced leader who is also a storyteller, logistics maven, and cultural interpreter sound like a good idea to you?
  5. Does leaving the trip planning to the experts and having a one-stop shop for your all your needs including your tour, personalized extensions, international airfare, travel insurance, and help with visas, appeal to you?

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PUBLISHED: February 4, 2024

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