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Photo credit: Michel Behar

Discover Kazakhstan: The Uncharted Gem of Central Asia

The otherworldly landscapes of Kazakhstan’s Mangystau region. Photo credit: Michel Behar

When we talk about global travel gems, Kazakhstan is often overlooked, yet it stands out as an uncharted jewel rich in history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Located in the heart of Central Asia, Kazakhstan beckons the discerning traveler, promising tales as vast as its steppes. Here are 12 reasons why Kazakhstan is a must-see travel destination that belongs on every intrepid traveler’s list.

1) A Land of Contrasts

In the vast expanse of Kazakhstan, contrasts emerge as a living tapestry. Kazakhstan surprises with its vast range of topographies. The ethereal lunar deserts of Mangystau paint a stark contrast to the shimmering skyline of Astana, the nation’s modern capital. Meanwhile, the legendary Baikonur space launch site, responsible for some of the world’s most significant space achievements, sits in harmony with ancient mausoleums of revered Sufi saints. Amid these landscapes, the legacy of the Silk Road intertwines with modern marvels.

2) Multifaceted Experiences

Kazakhstan, in its diverse splendor, offers avenues for every traveler’s heart. In Kazakhstan, one’s pursuits can range from adrenaline-charged adventures to reflective museum visits to people-watching. But no matter where you roam, the friendly ambiance toward visitors can be felt everywhere.

Tour Manager Michel Behar taking a photo of himself and the landscape in Kazakhstan’s Mangystau Region.

3) A Geopolitical Powerhouse

Stretching across Central Asia, Kazakhstan emerges as a geopolitical titan. Kazakhstan isn’t just large—it’s enormous! Imagine a land four times the size of Texas. This vast Turkic nation finds itself strategically placed between global superpowers: China and Russia, shaping its geopolitical significance.

4) Tales of Invaders and Resilience

History has shown that Kazakhstan was a land desired by many. It was the first target of the great Genghis Khan. Later, as the Jungarians threatened, the Kazakhs sought protection under the Russian umbrella, forging an alliance that would redefine their future.

The interior of a traditional Kazakh yurt. Photo credit: Michel Behar

5) Nature’s Gift: Wealth Beyond Measure

Kazakhstan’s natural endowments reflect a catalog straight from Mendeleev’s periodic table. It’s no wonder that with such resources combined with a robust banking system, Kazakhstan takes the crown for the largest GDP in Central Asia. Thanks to this vast mineral wealth, coupled with progressive banking innovations, Kazakhstan’s economy stands as an unparalleled beacon in Central Asia.

6) The Ancestral Bond

In Kazakhstan, heritage isn’t just history; it’s a guiding compass. For a Kazakh, knowing one’s ancestry is more than a matter of pride; it’s a necessity. The deeply rooted tradition of recounting seven generations of lineage safeguards the essence of Kazakh identity, ensuring familial ties remain woven into the fabric of daily life.

Horses – an important mode of transportation in Kazakhstan since time immemorial. Photo credit: Michel Behar

7) Echoes of the Silk Road

Kazakhstan’s steppes once resonated with the bustle of the Silk Road, where merchants sought its routes as a strategic and economical passage. As these caravans meandered, they bypassed financial burdens and political turmoil, linking East and West through Kazakhstan’s heart.

8) Adapting and Thriving

Kazakhstan’s history is a testament to its resilience and is a saga of adaptation. From its nomadic roots, Russian influences, and the challenges of the Stalin era, it emerged as a nation where 141 diverse ethnic groups coexist harmoniously, celebrating shared aspirations and unity.

The iconic Pyramid of Peace in Astana, Kazakhstan. Photo credit: Michel Behar

9) A Melting Pot of Faiths

Religious tolerance is a hallmark of Kazakhstan and it stands as a testament to spiritual harmony. From the widespread practice of moderate Sufi Islam to the still-existing traces of pre-Islamic shamanism, and the peaceful coexistence of other religious minorities, Kazakhstan celebrates spiritual diversity.

10) The Golden Legacy of Artistry

Kazakhstan’s artistic soul gleams in gold, and their museums treasure the golden artistry of the ancient Scythians. The ancient Scythians, with their masterful crafts, immortalized their beliefs in intricate golden designs, celebrating both the tangible and the mystical, and underpinning Kazakhstan’s rich cultural tapestry.

Arts and crafts are an important part of Kazakh heritage. Photo credit: Michel Behar

11) Equestrian Chronicles

The annals of equestrian history would be incomplete without mentioning Kazakhstan. From domesticating the first horses to innovations in horse carts, Kazakhstan’s steppes echo with hoofbeats of the past. In Kazakhstan, the bond between man and horse is ancient and profound. Excavated kurgan tombs reveal horses buried alongside their owners, reflecting their esteemed status. The Scythians, with their saddles adorned with soft pillows and artifacts depicting warriors ready for battle, highlight the horse’s integral role in both daily life and warfare. This equestrian legacy showcases Kazakhstan’s pivotal role in the global narrative of our relationship with these majestic creatures.

12) Daughters of War and Legends

Amidst the vast landscapes of Kazakhstan, legends of fierce female warriors echo. Tales of valiant women warriors are not mere myths: those where Kazakh women such as Queen Tomyris showcased unparalleled bravery serve as timeless reminders of their pivotal roles in shaping the nation’s history.

Women walking in front of Timurid tilework in Turkistan. Photo credit: Michel Behar

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Kazakhstan is not just a destination; it’s an experience. Every dune, every city, and every monument has its story. And as the world grows increasingly curious, Kazakhstan stands ready to share its treasures. So, for your next journey, let the vast, diverse, and enchanting landscapes of Kazakhstan captivate your heart and soul.

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PUBLISHED: August 15, 2023

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