Discovering Georgia (the Country): 7 Reasons to Go Now

Discovering Georgia (the Country): 7 Reasons to Go Now

An ancient land with up-to-the-minute strategic importance, Georgia is a country of superlatives. And it’s not just MIR that’s buzzing about Georgia. Trending now in such publications as Forbes, National Geographic and The New York Times are these articles reviewing the country of Georgia and some of the reasons you will want to travel there – among them, wine, cuisine, landscapes and culture.

1. One of the world’s best wine regionsArguably the oldest wine producing area in Europe, Georgia today is generating a contemporary wine-making scene that harks back to its 8,000-year-old roots, when organic grapes were aged in huge earthenware vessels, called qvevri, and buried in the earth until they ripened into wonderfully full-bodied wines. Bloomberg Business recently named Georgia “one of the world’s best wine regions.”

A toast in Signagi, Georgia Photo credit: Mariana Noble

A toast in Signagi, Georgia
Photo credit: Mariana Noble

2. Delicious and bounteous feastsEpicures agree that some of the most sumptuous food in the world is served at a Georgian feast. A “Georgian Table” experience can last several hours, with dozens of dishes and countless toasts. The table is covered with plates of delicacies balanced on top of each other – chicken in crushed walnut sauce, khachapuri (a savory cheese pie), puff pastries, little meat dumplings called khinkali, salads and marinated vegetables, just to name a few.

Georgian Table Feast, Signagi, GeorgiaPhoto credit: Douglas Grimes

Just a few of the dishes at a Georgian Table feast, Signagi, Georgia
Photo credit: Douglas Grimes

3. Your own personal toastmasterA large feast, or supra, will have a sort of toastmaster, called a tamada, who is charged not only with toasting and inviting others to toast, but with telling stories and jokes and sometimes leading songs.

A performance at the Georgian Table Photo credit: Michel Behar

The tamada leads the singing at a Georgian Table feast
Photo credit: Michel Behar

4. Breathtaking heights and sightsThe Svaneti region, set in the steep valleys of the towering Caucasus Mountains, is the highest inhabited place in Europe, and its formerly inaccessible solitude has helped it preserve its mountain heritage intact.

Svaneti is best known for its medieval watchtowers Photo credit: Giorgi Bukhaidze

Svaneti is best known for its medieval watchtowers
Photo credit: Giorgi Bukhaidze

5. Harmonic traditionsGeorgia has one of the oldest and most intriguing polyphonic vocal traditions in Europe. Developing independently of Western European rules of harmony, Georgian vocal music has been passed down by ear for hundreds of years – possibly since the 5th century BC.

A performance in Mestia, Georgia Photo credit: Mariana Noble

A Svan ensemble tuning up in Mestia, Georgia
Photo credit: Mariana Noble

6. A Garden of EdenGeorgia’s warm Mediterranean climate, deep black soil, saw-toothed mountains and Black Sea coast combine to make it a Garden of Eden, overflowing with wine and rich in culinary flair – everything you could wish for in a destination.

Hiking in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia. Photo credit: Georgia Tourism Board.

Horse trekking in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia
Photo credit: Georgia Tourism Board

7. Open-handed hospitalityA proud independent spirit, a long tradition of lavish hospitality and an abundance of Nature’s gifts combine to make the Georgian people fabulous hosts, imaginative chefs, creative artists and open-hearted friends.

Baking bread, tone style, in Georgia Photo credit: Martin Klimenta

Baking fresh bread in a ceramic oven call a tone
Photo credit: Martin Klimenta

Georgia in the NewsAs we said, don’t just take our word for it, read through some recent articles we found about this spirited country.

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(The red-roofed Old Town Tbilisi, its houses sporting carved wooden balconies, sits beneath the Narikala Fortress on the hill above. Photo credit: Mariana Noble)

PUBLISHED: September 24, 2015

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