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Design Your Own Trip to Iran

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Traveling privately on a custom program means flexibility


Custom and private travel is our specialty. We’ve been designing unforgettable custom trips to the region for decades. A majority of our clients travel on custom itineraries.

To get started planning an Iran itinerary, take a look at our researched and ready private journeys, Essential Iran and Essential Iran Enhanced, or read more about how to design your own trip. Also keep in mind that you can customize any of our small group tours to match your preferred dates of travel.

Signature Experiences

Below are just a few examples of the signature experiences that MIR can arrange for you in Iran. Get in touch with one of our Private Journey Specialists to craft an itinerary that’s uniquely suited to your travel goals, budget, and style.

  • Join the crowds of shoppers in the labyrinthine UNESCO-listed Tabriz bazaar.
  • Marvel at the views from the Tower of Silence in Yazd.
  • Admire the stunning Islamic architecture of Isfahan.
  • Enjoy lunch in a restaurant converted from a traditional hammam bathhouse.
  • Visit with members of the nomadic Qashqai tribe.
  • Discover Iran’s greatest lyric poet’s inspiration, the gardens of Shiraz.
  • Awaken to ancient history as you visit the incredible ruins of Persepolis.
  • Explore the historic bazaars of Isfahan, established centuries ago.
  • Visit local weavers in their workshops and learn about this ancient handicraft.

Private Itineraries

Whether you’re looking for a compact trip that hits the highlights or something more in-depth, MIR offers private itineraries that can be adapted to your choice of dates. Our itinerary, your dates – it’s a great option whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or in a small group.

Traveler Reviews

  • "A really great adventure! Our favorite part was Iran. It was such a surprise! Fabulous, well-preserved ancient tourist sites, warmth of the people and a great guide!"

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