Our staff of expert travel planners is exceptionally well-traveled and extremely knowledgeable about our destinations. We couple an unrivaled depth of experience with an unmitigated enthusiasm for foreign culture, history, language and geography.

This wealth of experience, knowledge and information that benefits our clients immeasurably.


U.S. Staff

  • Douglas Grimes
  • Annie Lucas
  • Dmitry Rudich
  • Anne Thorsteinson
  • Alexander Whan
  • Nathan Cox
  • Andrew Barron
  • Jonathan Gann
  • Marisa Dodd
  • Tia Low
  • Barrett Chapman
  • Joanna Millick
  • Amy Stidger
  • Olga Hayes
  • Lisa Peterson
  • Kevin Testa
  • Liz Tollefson
  • Helen Holter
  • Jered Gorman
  • Rebecca Morris
  • Kelly Guerra
  • Jake Smith