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Travel when, where and how you want – that’s what our Custom & Private Journeys are all about.

Bring your family, your friends, your schoolmates; or travel solo, just you and your destination. You choose your companions, pick the place and set the pace – we make all the arrangements.

Other travel companies may not be equipped to handle the details of customized personal trips, but MIR has been handling the ins and outs and special requests of personalized travel in our destinations for 30 years.

We call it “Destination by Design.”


Solo Travelers, Couples, Families, Friends

MIR will handcraft a private trip, catering to your travel checklist and based on your areas of interest. 

  • Searching for your family heritage?
  • Longing to venture inside a private home for an authentic home-cooked meal?
  • Want to learn about the life and work of artisans through visits to their workshops?
  • Think you’d enjoy sipping a flute of champagne at a former nobleman’s mansion?

These are just a few of the experiences that MIR can deliver on a custom private trip that can pique the interest of a wide range of ages.

Chat with one of our Private Journeys Specialists about your travel ideas or send us your thoughts using our easy Custom Travel Inquiry.


Groups of all Shapes and Sizes

MIR has the experience and the know-how to plan a custom trip especially for your affinity group, club, non-profit or overland expedition group.

We love the challenges inherent in creating a journey that matches your travel goals, even if they’re rather grand goals. For example, MIR

  • Made all the arrangements for 320 telescope-toting travelers to witness the total solar eclipse on a beach in the middle of Siberia (that’s right, Siberia has beaches).
  • Supported a round-the-world relay team that ran 24/7 from Minsk to Beijing, across the whole of Russia and Mongolia, to raise awareness about the need for clean drinking water.
  • Arranged for a university alumni travel group to meet the interim president of one of the ‘Stan countries.
  • Planned and operated a series of overland driving expeditions for an extended family and their friends. Sound like something you’d like to do?
  • Supported the international leg of a re-creation of the incredible 1908 round-the-world car rally from Beijing to Paris.

Your group doesn’t have to have a lofty agenda – whatever the interests, our experienced travel planners are happy to consult with you. We invite you to give us a call about making your group’s travel dreams a reality.

Contact us at or 1-800-424-7289 to get started.