MIR Client Spotlight: Taking A Taste of Georgia

MIR Client Spotlight: Taking A Taste of Georgia

Recently MIR traveler Linda Hamlin returned from the Republic of Georgia, where she spent 13 days on MIR’s A Taste of Georgia: Wine, Cuisine & Culture small group tour. She was kind enough to share these impressions with us.

“It was a great trip. I’m trying to figure out how to return to see other areas to sketch the architecture, learn how to cook the delicious food I sampled and learn more about the history. I definitely have an affinity for Georgia – it speaks to me in a way that is hard to describe. It has everything I look for in a trip: architecture, food, landscape, people, music, wine and a fascinating history.”

“As an architect I loved the refectory at Bodbe and the medieval room in Svaneti. The music was a delight and I loved how it was part of the meals instead of a tourist thing. I went for the food and was not disappointed – so good, so natural, so much.” 

“The green markets were spectacular, the generosity of the women who cooked for us was humbling and beyond anything I’ve experienced outside of my family. 

The A Taste of Georgia tour was a window into a culture that is rich in life (food, plants, animals, music, wine, village, community) if not in material riches.

The tour was generous: going the extra mile to show us the country, wine tasting in the ruins, food particular to season and region, stopping along the road to sample bread, meeting the quevri maker, amazing amounts of wine.”  


Travel to Georgia with MIR
The hilltown of Signagi in Georgia's wine country. Photo: Mariana Noble

The hilltown of Signagi in Georgia’s wine country
Photo: Mariana Noble

MIR has more than 30 years of unmatched destination expertise and travel planning experience, hand-crafting tours to Georgia and the South Caucasus since 1986. You can sample the food, wine, song and scenery of gorgeous Georgia on MIR’s A Taste of Georgia: Wine, Cuisine & Culture.

Travel through Georgia and the other South Caucasus countries, Armenia and Azerbaijan, on our small group tours Treasures of the South Caucasus and Village Traditions of the South Caucasus

You can also opt to travel on your dates and at your pace on one of MIR’s private independent trips or on a private journey of Georgia, customized to your desired dates and style.

Chat with one of our destination specialists by email or by phone at 1-800-424-7289 to start planning now.

Top photo: A toast in Signagi, Georgia. Photo credit: Mariana Noble

PUBLISHED: January 21, 2016

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