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Where to Travel in 2024

Your Monthly 2024 Travel Guide with MIR

Welcoming 2024 with excitement, we’re delighted to reveal a curated list of captivating destinations ready for your exploration.

Envision tracing the roots of winemaking in Georgia, home to the oldest viticulture on Earth. Imagine wandering through the vibrant streets of Uzbekistan, where every turn of the corner reveals the richness of the Silk Road. Contemplate a journey to Türkiye, where East meets West; or an expedition into the mystical desert landscapes of Oman, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Or perhaps a deep dive into the heart of the Balkans, a region overflowing with cultures, ethnicities, languages, and ideologies, is more your style?

With so many destinations to consider, the destination experts at MIR have crafted a calendar of travel ideas to help you navigate every month of the new year. Whether you’re looking for a small group tour experience, or prefer to go private, explore our top suggestions for where you should travel in 2024.


Embark on a transformative journey through Saudi Arabia, where ancient trade routes intertwine with modern transformations. Or, opt for a short getaway to Qatar, a jewel of the Persian Gulf, promising a delightful escape. Discover the beauty and history of these entrancing destinations in January.


Experience the essence of Jordan with an active adventure, exploring its essential treasures. Alternatively, embrace the charm of Bulgaria during the off-season, where cultural gems await discovery. February invites you to choose between dynamic exploration and the allure of Bulgaria’s essential wonders.


Celebrate Navruz in Uzbekistan, exploring backstreets and bazaars filled with vibrant traditions. Alternatively, venture into the Persian Gulf States and delve into Arabian history and culture.


Uncover the Baltic treasures of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, or immerse yourself in the captivating South Caucasus region with its cultural richness. April offers the choice between exploring the charming old towns and history of the Baltic region or the diverse landscapes of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.


Embark on an offbeat adventure in Albania, beyond guidebook recommendations. Alternatively, traverse Transylvania by private train, unveiling the region’s rich history. Choose between the undiscovered charm of Albania or Transylvania’s castle-studded landscapes.


Embark on a journey through Eastern Türkiye and Georgia, the crossroads of ancient civilizations, or opt for an active exploration of Slovenia’s iconic natural and cultural attractions. June beckons you to choose between the historical depths of Eastern Türkiye and Georgia or the dynamic landscapes of Slovenia.


Experience the wide open spaces and vibrant culture of Mongolia, with the Naadam Festival as a highlight. Alternatively, explore the village traditions of the South Caucasus.

Explore the nomadic spirit of Mongolia in July or delve into the distinctive customs of off-the-beaten-path Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.


Embark on a thrilling adventure along Tajikistan’s Pamir Highway or discover the rich frescoes and fortresses of Bulgaria and Romania. In August, you can choose between the rugged beauty of Tajikistan or the quintessential landmarks of Bulgaria and Romania.


Indulge in the tastes of Georgia’s wine, cuisine, and culture, or embark on a Balkan odyssey, exploring the crossroads of cultures. Savor the singular flavors of Georgia or crisscross the magical landscapes of the Balkans.


Embark on an epic journey to explore Tibetan temples and monasteries, or venture to the 5 ‘Stans of Central Asia. Opt for the expansive Tibetan plateau or immerse yourself in the historical marvels, or join an epic journey through Central Asia & experience the cultures of the 5 ‘Stans.


Discover the signature landmarks and natural marvels of Oman, or explore the essential highlights of the UAE. November invites you to unravel the mysteries of Oman or experience the vibrant cityscapes of the UAE.


Experience the Christmas traditions of Poland, or celebrate New Year’s in Vienna while traveling by private train. December offers the choice between the festive charm of Poland or the sophisticated allure of Vienna during turn-of-the-year celebrations.

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PUBLISHED: January 7, 2024

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