Reporting In From MIR’s Destinations

Photo credit: John Wurdeman

Travel Inspirations

In the U.S., with our airwaves dominated by the impending Presidential elections and our struggle with coronavirus, international news seems overshadowed more than ever. If you’re like us, since 2020 hasn’t turned out to be the year you’ve been looking forward to, you’re left craving connection with the international community.

We’re in regular communication with our friends and colleagues overseas and appreciate their consistent updates so much, we thought you’d also appreciate a first-hand update from the international MIR network. We are tapping this network of guides, tour managers and staff in our affiliated ground offices to relate their first-hand accounts from MIR’s destinations in our new blog series: Reporting In From MIR Destinations.

Recently, our blog introduced you to several of our tour managers. As the world gradually reopens you may be wondering what’s happening in a specific destination you’re planning on visiting sometime in the future. This blog series will provide field reports with detailed updates and conditions on the ground.

Traveler Reviews

  • "I enjoyed everything about this trip. Everyone at MIR was great. The other travelers were great. The service was first rate. The accommodations were first class. A fantastic tour. I will be traveling again with MIR in the future."

    R. Barkley

    Morgan Hill, CA

  • "[This was] the trip of a lifetime, especially the Svaneti area of Georgia…. Being in the [Caucasus Mountains] was like being in a National Geographic article."

    R. H. Freed

  • "Thorough, informative, relaxed, entertaining. After this trip I can honestly say that I finally understand the history (and turmoil) that these countries have gone through. I plan to spend a lot of the time in the library reading and learning more about my Lithuanian heritage. "

    N. Gwin

    Newton Center, MA

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